Dirk Van Uffelen

Organisational Psychologist, Trainer/Coach, Keynote speaker, Millennial-expert, Co-founder, Millennial Lift

About Dirk Van Uffelen

The leading expert in quantum millennials. Currently writing 'The Quantum Millennial Guide, from agile to antifragile'. Dirk works with large companies on helping them maximize the return on investment on their talent management programs, always succeeding in realizing a minimum of 15% in returns. Dirk is specialized in talent development of highly educated millennials. In his upcoming book 'The Quantum Millennial Guide, from agile to antifragile', he shares his lessons learned from working with the best of the best (AJAX, KPN, Philips, NS, Rabobank, Coca Cola, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Police Academy, Dell, ABN AMRO, Tata Steel, IBM, Nespresso, Bank of New York Mellon, etc.).

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