Welcome to the Tribe!

I hope this video finds you in great health! In this video I'm sharing the idea behind Millennial Lift and what we envision for this platform (Tribe). Due to the Corona we changed our proposition a bit. Spoiler alert: we opened up our Tribe for all personal development trainers and coaches (NL/ENG).

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Welcome to Millennial Lift! 

In this video I would like to share the idea behind Millennial Lift and things we envision for this platform. Due to the Corona outbreak we made some adjustments to our proposition. 

There are two main outcomes. The first is that we are officially going to use English and Dutch as the two languages for the various types of content. An extra badge will be created to indicate the language. The second outcome is much bigger: we decided to open up our platform for all trainers and coaches (NL/ENG), in the field of personal development and personal effectiveness, for free! We realised that a lot of coaches and trainers depend on offline services. Due to the uncertainty ahead we would like to create an opportunity for them to keep on sharing their valuable insights and content with people who could benefit from it. The only thing we ask in return is that they provide a free video product (a ‘pennylearning’ (see video), video panel or a vlog) for all visitors and members. The latter stems from the realisation that many people will be staying at home for some while and they will either have the option to educate and learn or become bored and start bothering other people. With this offering we would like to create 'an excuse' for people making the best of this situation and support them in their development needs. We believe that valuable information is crucial and should be made available for all people, especially during uncertain times as these. This aligns with the aim of this platform: help sharing valuable information and offer people an incentive to learn, grow, connect and make a positive impact in the world. 

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing more updates w.r.t. this platform. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please feel encouraged to share them via the Q&A section in the top left menu bar.

A final thing you can expect: in the next couple of weeks we aim to add multiple courses from the various trainers and coaches we plan to onboard. The majority will be free and some will be 'pennylearnings'. If you are visitor and want to have access to these free courses, would like to comment on posts and share your ideas in the various rooms: you are invited to become a Triber (it’s free and no strings attached). Click here

If you are coach or trainer and would like to share your services, connect with others and be updated on the new (premium) features for trainers and coaches, you can both use this registration link (UPDATE: due to a great influx we decided to close new registrations for trainers & coaches till June 2020):

Stay safe, continue growing!


  • Hi, welcome to Millennial Lift! On behalf of the team I would like to invite you this platform. 00:02
  • In this short video I would like to address the idea and vision we have around this platform. 00:07
  • I'd also like to share with you what you can expect from this platform, whether you are just 00:14
  • a visitor, a member or a trainer or a coach. 00:18
  • The idea around Millennial Lift is that we realised about a year ago that there's a need for 00:21
  • a quality label around personal development and collaboration with millennials. As there's a 00:28
  • big development need amongst millennials and there are also a lot of coaches and trainers 00:33
  • whom could cater those needs, but don't always know how to engage with them. 00:38
  • We also see that there are a lot of organisations struggling with both: how to select the best 00:42
  • trainer, coach or program to fulfil the needs of their youngest employees. 00:48
  • So that's why we created this label and we like to use the platform to do this. 00:54
  • However, due to the Corona outbreak we realised we had to change our proposition a bit. 00:58
  • Because we experienced ourselves that a lot of our offline services have been postponed or 01:02
  • even cancelled in some circumstances. This will not be changed in the foreseeable future. 01:08
  • So we realised that there are a lot of coaches and trainers that are in the same boat as us that 01:14
  • focus on their offline services but not so much on their online services yet. I think especially 01:19
  • in these times where so many more people will be sitting at home it's very crucial they will be 01:26
  • catered and fed with good quality information. Because people who will be sitting at home 01:32
  • maybe for quite sometime they can do either two things: Or they can go for the 'negative' 01:36
  • route, they're bored or annoyed so they can go for online trolling or maybe even hacking, 01:41
  • whatever events that will eventually clash with other people. Or they can go for the 'positive' 01:49
  • route: where they feed themselves with good quality information. Where they start learning 01:55
  • and growing and enhance their self-knowledge. But also for example writing their book or work 02:00
  • out their plans they had in mind for years. So this could also be a very productive and 02:08
  • meaningful phase in their lives. And with this platform we would like to create an 'excuse' to 02:12
  • chose for the last one. And that were there's a great opportunity to all start working together. 02:18
  • So as a result we decided to offer our platform for free to all coaches and trainers who focus 02:26
  • on personal development and personal effectiveness. Because we want to help them 02:31
  • out to create a platform to migrate some of their services to an online environment. 02:36
  • But also being able to share quality information with people who would really like to feed them- 02:42
  • selves with new knowledge and inspiration. What we would like to do is to offer our 02:50
  • platform for free to those trainers and coaches so they can use the various features this 02:56
  • platform has to offer. And the only thing we ask in return is that at least one of their video 03:01
  • products should be made available for free to these visitors. In that respect, what we aim and 03:06
  • and what we envision to have is to offer a broad range of what we call pennylearnings. 03:15
  • Pennylearnings are microlearnings, so they're short online trainings of maybe four five videos 03:22
  • of a couple of minutes where high quality information is being conveyed very directly and 03:29
  • and straightforward. And those elearnings are being offered for ridiculously cheap prices as 03:35
  • we realise that a lot of people will be sitting at home and due to the uncertainty of this 03:42
  • outbreak. A lot of their funds and money should be allocated to food and safety measures. 03:47
  • And we understand not everybody has the means to buy selective training programs. 03:55
  • So this is what we want to do with this platform. In the next couple of weeks I'll be 04:01
  • sharing various other updates. If you have any other questions: please feel free to write them. 04:09
  • So what you can do is go to the top-left menu bar and scroll down where you can ask a 04:17
  • question. And if you have any ideas or suggestions about this platform but also if you 04:21
  • have particular questions regarding to personal development? The team but also trainers and 04:27
  • coaches, I'm sure, they will be very glad to help you with. In the section below you will also find 04:32
  • two registration links. One is for if you're a visitor and want to become a member and you 04:39
  • want to comment on certain posts or if you want to have a look at the free courses that are 04:45
  • available, you can become a free member yourself. And there's also a registration link for 04:50
  • the trainers and coaches to sign up and use this platform. A final thing I would like to mention is 04:56
  • that I hope that everybody that is using this platform will be positive and engaging, very 05:03
  • mindful and helpful towards others as we are all in various phases of our learning progress. 05:10
  • So if you see that people haven't grasp it yet or have questions, please feel free to help them 05:15
  • out. I think we're all on the same boat together so let's try to make it a most fruitful and 05:20
  • positive and enjoying learning phase together. I wish you all the best! In the next couple of 05:28
  • weeks I'll be sharing more updates on the platform. Stay healthy, stay positive. I'm looking 05:34
  • forward to seeing you next time. Have a great day. Bye! 05:41
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Joehoe! Hey boys, ik heb me aangemeld. Ik ben echt enorm enthousiast om alle facetten van dit platform te verkennen. X, Rai